You’r My Favorite Client


  • Look around you. You make choices based on design every day. The chair you’re probably enjoying now is designed to make you feel comfortable. The clothes you choose to wear are designed to make you feel confident or relaxed (or both), de-pending on the day of the week. The car you drive is designed to make you feel safe, unless it’s designed to make you feel young. But you know the difference.
  • Even if you can’t design those things yourself, that doesn’t take away from your ability to decide that was the chair you wanted to sit on, or the shoes you wanted to wear, or the car you wanted to buy.
  • ou’ve designed things to achieve your goals since you were a kid, from diagramming a sandlot football play in the dirt to sussing out how to play your parents against each other to land a trip to Disneyland. You’re very capable of stating your goal and knowing whether you’ve achieved it. And when you achieve your goal, you say your plan has gone “as designed.”

What you will learn:

  • What is design and why we need it.
  • How to choose a designer to hire.
  • Evaluating work and giving feed back
  • What we should do when the things go well and wrong.

Who should read this book:

Designer and client should read this book to make the collaboration better.