Resilient Management


  • I’ve seen the good: teams who band together to ship incred-ible user experiences that improve people’s lives, or send a teammate flowers when they need to take time off to care for a loved one.
  • I’ve seen the bad: teams who blame each other after inad-vertently knocking over a site, or moan endlessly about having to move their desks to another part of the floor.
  • And I’ve seen the ugly: layoffs, lawsuits, and internal com-pany crises that create upheaval and strife across the team.
  • We might bump elbows or mess something up or miscom-municate, but being a part of a team means we’re also so much more than the sum of our parts. Whether in teams of two, twenty, or two hundred, it’s a privilege to work with others toward a united goal.
  • It’s even more of a privilege to manage or lead them. But with that responsibility often comes exhaustion, uncertainty, and fear. This book is here to help you navigate it all: good, bad, and ugly.

What you will learn:

  • Learn about your teammates’ core needs and work styles, and help them get to know you, too.
  • Help your teammates grow through mentoring, coaching, sponsoring, and delivering feedback.
  • Learn to set clear expectations around your team’s roles and responsibilities, vision and priorities, and collaborative processes.
  • Strategically communicate to make sure each message is understood by your teammates, while balancing tricky aspects like confidentiality and disagreement with the company line.
  • Create resiliency in yourself and your team by preparing for times of crisis, managing your energy, and growing your support network.

Who should read this book:

Team managers who feel overwhelming. This book will help you get comfortable with having difficult conversations to boosting trust among teammates.