On Web Typography


  • Before users start reading a single word of text on a web-site, they are already judging the typography. More than any other design element, type sends instant messages about a site’s content and purpose. Is this digital environment designed for reading, shopping, or gaming? Is it meant for experiencing over time or cruising by in a minute or two? Is its primary function to lead you through a process (subscribing to a service or an-swering a survey), or does it aim to submerge you in content (reading an article, watching a video, or choosing a stock photo)? Typography—its size, style, and system—helps tell people what all this content is actually for.
  • The quality and tone of a website’s typography also sends instant messages about the people who made the site. Good type makes you look good. Bad type makes you look bad. Good type inspires confidence and trust; bad type triggers disdain and disgust. We’ve all landed on a website that we immediately know is a dumping ground for stolen content and crappy ads. Without even reading that come-on for pimple cream or the latest work-at-home scheme, we’re already hitting the back button in search of a more savory place to invest our time.
  • Jason Santa Maria’s approachable guide to web typography narrates the thought process behind working with type, from choosing fonts to crafting hierarchies to building grids. Rather than handing down a list of rules and prohibitions, Santa Maria walks side by side with readers through a creative journey. He invites us to think about our own reading experience right now—as we peruse this book—by providing clear and compel-ling examples for visual comparison. We the readers get to judge and evaluate different styles, combinations, and configurations of type, applied to real text that we can picture in the real world.

What you will learn:

  • What is typography.
  • How the language of typography adapts when applied to the web.
  • How to choose good typefaces to support your designs.

What you will learn:

Web designers want to apply typography to their web page.