Mobile First


  • For years, most web teams have designed products and infor-mation for desktop and laptop computers. For these teams, mobile was an afterthought if even a thought at all. Sadly, this approach actually made sense in many parts of the world for quite a while. Browsing the web on mobile phones was pain-ful; carriers controlled access to the web on their devices; and mobile network speeds often made everything grind to a halt. Very few people used the web on mobiles (unless they were in Japan), and those that did were usually faced with an unpleas-ant experience.
  • But things have changed so dramatically over the past few years that starting with the desktop may be an increasingly backward way of thinking about a web product. Designing for mobile first now can not only open up new opportunities for growth, it can lead to a better overall user experience for a website or application.

What you will learn:

  • Why a mobile first approach for websites and applications makes sense now.
  • How designing mobile web experiences is different (from designing desktop web experiences)

Who should read this book:

Front-end  web developer should read this book to learn about the importance of mobile first approach.