Just Engough Research


  • You, lucky reader, are about to learn everything you always wanted to know about research but were afraid to ask. With her trademark deadpan wit and incisive clarity, Erika Hall walks you through what research is (and isn’t), how to convince your team to dedicate money and effort to it, how to work on it collaboratively, and—here’s the part you could spend a whole MBA semester on and still not have all the answers—how to actually do it.
  • Erika recommends that her readers “make friends with real-ity,” which may be the most perfect definition of what it means to do design and product research I’ve ever heard. The reality you are invited to make friends with is that the world is full of people who are different from you. And, as a person who designs products and experiences for people, it is your job to understand their perspectives, needs, and desires in their real-life contexts

What you will learn:

  • The core practices and fundamental ideas and techniques in research.
  • User and customer research.
  • Competitive Research.
  • Use servey to research.
  • Analytics the servey.

Who should learn this book:

Designer who want to learn researching in their job.