GraphQL and Android (Final Version)

Mark L. Murphy | 2019 | ISBN: N/a | English | 263 pages | PDF| 5 MB

GraphQL is a rapidly-ascending alternative to REST for implementing Web services. Developed by Facebook, GraphQL is popular in Web development. And, where Web service development goes, mobile app development — including Android — inevitably follows.
This book helps you understand what GraphQL is and how to communicate with a GraphQL server, both in terms of GraphQL specifications and syntax and in terms of Android code for reaching those servers.

We start off with a quick spin through making GraphQL requests, using canned tools and custom Android apps. These chapters are designed to help you explore the basics of exchanging data via GraphQL, plus learn about how GraphQL compares with other ways that you have used to exchange data (e.g., REST-style Web services).

Next, we take a deep dive into GraphQL syntax. A GraphQL server publishes a schema, indicating what we can request or modify. In this series of chapters, we will explore various facets of that schema and learn how we can request or modify that data given the restrictions imposed by the schema.

Overall, the hope is that this book will give you thorough grounding in how to integrate your app with GraphQL servers.

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