Get Ready For CSS Grid Layout


  • When I began working on the web in 1996, the only real skill a front-end developer had to master was chopping up images into tiny bits and reassembling them into a table to create a layout.
  • Netscape 4 still held a huge market share when I started using CSS for layout. The browser’s implementation of abso-lute positioning was so poor that when a user resized their screen, all of the positioned elements would stack up in the top left corner. I’ve watched CSS evolve from a simple single specification—concerned primarily with changing text colors and adding borders to things—to the increasingly complex language it is today.
  • long the way, I’ve witnessed browser wars and, during my time as a Web Standards Project member, have encour-aged browser and tool vendors alike to innovate through the standards process. We can now see that process playing out in many of the specifications currently wending their way through the W3C

What you will learn:

  • What is CSS Grid layout.
  • Laying things out on the grid.
  • CSS Grids and responsive design.
  • Grid, another tool in our kit.
  • What’s next for gird?

Who should read this book:

Front-end web developers who want to learn Grid Layout in CSS.