Developing Cognitive Bots Using the IBM Watson Engine

Book Description:

Cognitive Virtual Bots are taking the technology and user experience world by storm. This book provides clear guidance on how different cognitive platforms can be used to develop Cognitive Virtual Assistants that enable a conversation by using DialogFlow and advanced Natural Language Processing.

You will start by understanding the technology landscape and various use cases that Cognitive Virtual Assistants can be used in. Early chapters will take you through the basics of Cognitive Virtual Assistants, before moving onto advanced concepts and hands on examples of using IBM Watson Assistant and its advanced configurations with Watson Discovery Services, Watson Knowledge Studio and Spellchecker Service.
You’ll then examine integrations that enrich the Cognitive Virtual Assistant by providing data around weather, locations, stock markets. The book concludes by providing a glimpse of what to expect in the future for Cognitive Virtual Assistants.

What You’ll Learn

  • Review the fundamentals of Cognitive Virtual Assistants.
  • Develop a Cognitive Virtual Assistant from scratch using IBM Watson platform.
  • Integrate and enrich your Virtual Agent with other services such as weather, location and stocks.
  • Instantly deliver your bot on major messaging channels such as Skype, SMS, and Webchat
  • Train your Cognitive Virtual Agent on specific use cases.

Who This Book Is For

AI and machine learning engineers, cognitive solutions architects and developers would find the book extremely useful.