Design For Emotion


  • We Want our Work to stand out from the rest. We want people to have such a great experience that they feel the need to talk about it to everyone. We want what we make to be remarkable.
  • Often those seeking remarkability get it for just a moment. Some have achieved their goal of joyful office watercooler discussions by creating a thirty-second Superbowl Spot with something as simple as a handful of slothful individuals answer-ing their phone with an exaggerated “WHAAATS AAAWWP?” Others get it with a viral video of dogs on skate- boards. But these are just quick flashes in the pan.
  • The real payoff comes when we can make that remarkabil- ity last. When we can make people continually feel our work is worthy of discussion. When—for weeks, months, maybe even years—the people who engage with our work continue to sing its praises to everybody they meet.

What you will learn:

  • Revolution of emotional design.
  • Explore the psychological firmware we share and establish a foundation on which we can build emotional design strategies.
  • Personality in emotional design.
  • The risk & reward of emotion design

Who should read this book:

Web designer who want to learn emotion design.