CSS for Web Designers


Websites are not the same as pictures of websites. When one person designs in Photoshop and another converts the design to markup and CSS, the coder must make guesses and assumptions about what the designer intended. This inter-pretive process is never without friction—unless the coder is Dan Cederholm. When Dan codes other people’s designs, he gets everything right, including the parts the designer got wrong. For instance, Dan inevitably translates a designer’s fixed Photoshop dimensions into code that is flexible, accessible, and bulletproof. (Indeed, Dan coined the phrase “bulletproof web design” while teaching the rest of us how to do it.)

What you will learn:

  • How CSS3 used today
  • Learn how CSS3 properties like micro layout works.
  • How to adapt for browsers where is doesn’t.
  • Usderstanding CSS transitions, hover-crafting, transforming message and multiple backgrounds.

Who this book for:

Web designer who want to learn new CSS3 properties.