Conversational Design


  • I once worked wIth a clIent in an entrepreneurial corner of an old-school, multinational publishing company. Tilting towards the future, the publishing company had developed a web-based, semantic search engine. They hoped the search engine would help business leaders extract more value from news by making meaningful connections among stories.
  • From the moment the site launched, virtually every visitor to the homepage bounced without taking action. The creators were shocked and dismayed. They had believed the technology was so exciting and powerful that their audience of executives would find the intricacies of the interface delightful. But the design was a flop. So, they hired our design firm to fix it.
  • Untangling the functionality and simplifying the interface was going to take a bit of time. I suggested we at least add an instructive sentence or two to the interface in the meantime.

What you will learn:

  • Introduction to the human interface.
  • Some principles of conversational design.
  • Practice the above principles.
  • The power of personality.

Who should read this book:

People who want to learn conversational design.