Content Strategy for Mobile


  • When we talk about content strategy for mobile, we’re not talking about publishing different content to be read on smartphones. That wouldn’t be much of a strategy—who can afford to create content for only one platform? If content strat-egy means developing a plan for how you will create, deliver, maintain, and govern your content, then content strategy for mobile looks at the special challenges in getting your content onto a variety of devices, screen sizes, and platforms—includ-ing mobile web, native apps for iOS, Android and Windows, and, yup, even the desktop
  • When we talk about content strategy for mobile, we’re also not talking about delivering content to serve the “mobile con-text.” “Mobile” seemingly implies motion, mobility. We imag-ine a hurried businesswoman, dashing through the airport, glancing at the screen out of the corner of one eye. But like the “dial” tone, the “return” key, and “cut and paste,” the word “mobile” has expanded to mean something different from its analogue in the physical world. Anyone who’s ever pecked at his mobile phone from the couch, too lazy to walk over to his desktop computer just a few feet away, knows exactly what we’re talking about. Anyone who’s ever waited for hours in that same airport, passing the time transfixed by a tiny glow-ing screen, knows the same thing. “Mobile” doesn’t necessar-ily mean you’re on the move

What you will learn:

  • The importance of content for mobile devices.
  • How to create, manage and maintain content.
  • Create adaptive content
  • Use mobile to make content better.


Who should read this book:

People who want to learn Content Strategy for Mobile