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Concurrency with Modern C++

C/C++/C# 263
Concurrency with Modern C++

2019-03-19 | Author(s): Rainer Grimm | English | 475 pages | PDF | 8 MB

Concurrency with Modern C++ is a journey through current and upcoming concurrency in C++.

C++11 and C++14 have the basic building blocks for creating concurrent or parallel programs.
With C++17 we got the parallel algorithms of the Standard Template Library (STL). That means, most of the algorithms of the STL can be executed sequential, parallel, or vectorized.
The concurrency story in C++ goes on. With C++20/23 we can hope for executors, extended futures, coroutines, transactions, and more.
This book explains you the details to concurrency in modern C++ and gives you, in addition, more than 100 running code examples . Therefore you can combine the theory with the practices and get the most of it.

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