Building Progressive Web Applications with Vue.js

English | Author: Carlos Rojas | ISBN-10: 1484253337 | 233 pages | Size: 11.8 MB | New Ebook 2020

Book Description:

Obtain all the necessary tools for developing a progressive web application (PWA) with Vue.js, a modern JavaScript framework. You’ll see how PWAs behave like a regular responsive website and have a similar structure to that of a web application, but feel like a native mobile app. Along the way you’ll take advantage of Vue.js features to build fast, high-performing progressive web apps that work offline.
Building Progressive Web Applications with Vue.js starts by explaining the basic concepts and structure of PWAs, and moves on to designing the app shell and other features that distinguish a PWA from simple web pages. In the following chapters, the book talks about the improved web technologies, such as service workers, caching strategies, background sync, and push notifications, that make PWAs powerful.

What You Will Learn

  • Harness the power of Vue.js to build PWAs
  • Understand the function and relevance of a manifest file
  • Discover service workers and why they are revolutionary
  • Work with the Cache API and caching strategies
  • Use IndexedDB, background sync, and push notifications
  • Enhance your apps with Firebase
  • Implement the Workbox library in your apps

Who This Book Is For

Web developers who want to venture into building PWAs would find the book useful.